Cardboard Recycling

How is Paper and Cardboard Recycled?

How is it Recycled?
Used newspapers and magazines collected from our kerbside recycling collection is processed at our recycling facility and then transported to the paper mill.

At the paper mill, conveyor belts feed the old paper into the Fibre Preparation Plant, where it goes into the giant pulpers.
Water and chemicals are mixed with the waste paper inside the pulpers. This washes the ink and other contaminants off the paper fibres.  The soggy, mushy paper is now called pulp. 
The pulp is then injected between two wire meshes to form a damp paper sheet. This is dried to form the new recycled paper.
The dried paper is polished and then rolled into jumbo reels, some 9.2 metres wide and weighing more than 30 tonnes.  The paper reels are then cut into smaller sizes to be sold.

Recycled paper and cardboard can be made into more boxes, tissue paper, and packaging.

Facts and Figures

•    Each family uses about six trees worth of paper every year.

•    Paper and cardboard makes up one-third of all the household rubbish that we throw away.