Glass Recycling Plant

How is Glass Recycled?

We collect glass from the bottle banks keeping the clear, brown and green glass separate. The glass is transported to the Mr. Binman Glass Processing Plant where contaminants such as metal caps and plastic sleeves are removed. The glass is then crushed into small pieces called cullet.  It is now ready to be transported to the glass factory, Quinn Glass in Northern Ireland. At the glass factory, the cullet is mixed with other raw materials used to make glass (sand, limestone and soda ash) and melted in a large furnace.
The molten glass is moulded into new glass containers and the whole cycle beings again when you recycle!

Facts and Figures

  • On average, every family in the Ireland consumes around 500 glass bottles and jars every year – at the moment we recycle about 25% of these items.

  • One bottle bank can hold up to 3,000 bottles before it needs to be emptied

  • Glass makes up about 9% of all the rubbish we throw away

  • The energy saved from recycling just one glass bottle will operate a 100-watt light bulb for four hours!

For more information on Glass Recycling and a list of bottlebanks we service, click here