Plastic Recycling

How is plastic recycled?

Plastic bottles for recycling are collected from bottle banks or from our kerbside recycling collections.

The bottles are taken away by lorry to Mr. Binman to be sorted and then squashed into big bale blocks.

The blocks are then transported to the recycling factory where they are cut up into small flakes – like little, colourful corn flakes.

The flakes are washed and dried, then taken away to be melted and made into new plastic objects.

Water and fizzy drinks bottles are usually made out of PET plastic.  Pet is recycled into dozens of products, including t-shirts, sweaters, tennis shoes, carpets, tennis balls, combs, cassette tapes, car bumpers and car parts, boat sails, and furniture.

Milk and juice jugs and detergent bottles are typically made from HDPE plastic. They will come back to stores as new containers or show up in parks as playground equipment, on back yard decks as plastic lumber, and in parking lots as speed bumps and parking blocks.

Facts and Figures

•    Recycling just one plastic bottle can save the same amount of energy needed to power a 60 watt light bulb for 6 hours! 
•    It takes about 25 recycled soft drink bottles to make one fleece jacket.