Customer Update

Keeping our staff, our customers and the public safe at this time is our top priority.

Following official guidelines we are looking to reduce risk where possible and we have contingency plans in place to ensure that we can continue our service to our customers.

We are asking for your help with some practices taking effect this week:-

  • Please wash your hands before and after handling your bins – you are most likely doing this anyway
  • A no-handshake policy is in place – we are not being unfriendly, just following guidelines
  • We will keep you up to date with any schedule changes via email/text – we have support staff working remotely

We have a response plan to ensure continuity of service and some of the actions we are taking are:

  • All our staff have been briefed on best practice guidelines in prevention of virus spread
  • All our staff are issued with hand sanitisers in their collection vehicles
  • All our staff are issued more regularly with new Protective Wear (for example gloves) to aid hygiene
  • We have undertaken capacity planning to ensure that we have enough facilities, vehicles and staff available to us to complete our collections
  • There are limits being placed on customer site visits and visitor/customer meetings at our offices until further notice

We will continue to monitor our supply chain and operations to ensure we continue service to our customers. Please be assured that our Customer Service and Sales teams continue to monitor our customers’ orders and work proactively with any customers impacted by the outbreak.


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