Commercial Customers

Mr. Binman is a 3 time winner of the operator of the year award from Repak Recovery and the perfect partner for your business when it comes to waste collection. We provide efficient and cost-effective management solutions for the private sector in the Midwest and Munster regions. Our goal is not only to manage waste processing in your company, but also help you become more eco-friendly. We provide informative materials and visual communication to all our commercial customers,  making it easy to understand how to properly separate your waste.

What We Provide

You will receive different dumps for each type of waste. If you lose one of the bins or it is damaged, you can contact us for a replacement.

The bins are divided in:

  • Large Brown Bin 140L (Limerick City and Suburbs, Shannon) – This waste is for your organic / compostable waste. This includes kitchen and garden waste, for example; leftover food, spoiled food, vegetable peels, grass cuttings, dead flowers, etc.
  • Large Blue Bin 240L / 140L – This rubbish bin is for recyclable waste collection. This type of waste includes clean and dry paper, plastic packaging and bottles, cans and cartons, etc.
  • Large Green Bin (can also come in black or burgundy) 240L / 140L – This basket is for your general waste. In other words, what cannot be recycled or composted, for example; floor sweep, vacuum cleaner bags, food contaminated packaging, used plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.
  • Small Caddy 25L (Limerick City and Suburbs) – This bin is prepared for your glass recycling; all glass jars and bottles, etc.
  • Others Composting; This bin is for your compostable / organic kitchen waste.

 For example; leftover food, spoiled food, vegetable peels, dead flowers, etc.

How We Collect

A skilled and specialized team will be in charge of collecting your companies’ waste at a frequency best suited to your needs. You can opt for a weight collection service or a six month plan. In addition, customer service is open from Monday to Saturday via phone or through our website to resolve any queries you may have.

It has never been easier to sign up for our commercial collection service – sign up through our website or call us at 061-351127 . Our agents will be happy to explain the service and recommend options to suit your needs. By choosing Mr.Binman, you are investing in a cleaner and sustainable future for you and your business and ensuring that together, we maintain a green Ireland.

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