Mr Binman Takes Green Approach to Irish Open Golf 2023: Zero Emissions and Zero Landfill Waste

Mr Binman Electric Bin Truck

Limerick-based company, Mr Binman, has once again set a shining example of sustainability by being chosen as the official waste recycling partner for the prestigious Irish Open 2023, held at the renowned K Club course in Kildare from September 7th to 10th 2023. This selection underscores Mr Binman’s commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in waste management.

One standout feature of Mr Binman’s involvement in this year’s event is the use of a cutting-edge, zero-emissions fully electric truck, a first for the Irish Open. This move significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the tournament, aligning perfectly with the global push for eco-friendly initiatives.

Mr Binman’s dedication to recycling took centre stage as they strategically placed innovative waste recycling units across the sprawling 330-acre course. These units made it convenient for both spectators and players to responsibly dispose of waste, thus promoting recycling and eliminating landfill waste entirely.

By embracing a sustainable approach to waste management and introducing eco-conscious practices at the Irish Open 2023, Mr Binman not only contributed to a successful tournament but also set a shining example for the sports and events industry to follow. Their commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting recycling is a testament to their vision for a greener, cleaner future.

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